The Vincentians of the Western Province serve in more than 20 parishes and sponsor the largest Catholic university in the United States. We lead dozens of parish missions each year, console patients and their families as hospital chaplains, and assist with the formation of future priests in seminaries across the country.

By your prayers, good works and generosity, you help the Vincentians reach out to the poor, lonely and abandoned, and evangelize the least of God’s people.

In our ministry, we work to serve the poor, educate young people, form holy priests and spread the Gospel to the world. We honor the dignity of each person we meet. By our words and the example of our lives, the Vincentians of the Western Province share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone who seeks His saving grace. None of this is possible without your help.

Each of us is called to follow Christ – to give generously and serve selflessly. By your prayers, your participation on our work and your generosity, you help the Vincentians evangelize those Jesus called the least among us.

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Ordained in 1600, Vincent de Paul began his priesthood working with some of the wealthiest, most prestigious families in France. For five years, he served as household tutor and spiritual director to the influential Gondi family. While he loved the experience, Vincent soon found his true calling – ministering to the poor. He devoted his life to prayer, selfless service and sacramental ministry and, he worked to announce the Gospel to the poor.

Vincent ministered to those on the fringes of society – galley slaves, war victims and the materially poor.

Following the unmistakable promptings of the Holy Spirit, Vincent understood the power and purity of God’s message: evangelize the poor. Together with his companions, Vincent shaped the Little Company. They ministered to those on the fringes of society – galley slaves, war victims and the materially poor. In prayer, Vincent begged God for the humility, simplicity and gentleness he needed to carry out this important work.

St. Vincent de Paul’s charism has lived on for four centuries. Vincentian priests and brothers follow his example of holiness and energetic labors, dedicating their lives to prayer, community life and evangelical service, seeking out those most in need of God’s love and mercy.