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An Invitation to Walk with the Poor

We invite you to join the Vincentians as we walk with the poor. This walk is no leisurely stroll. It is not the proverbial walk in the park. It follows the challenging but well-worn path of Jesus.

With your help, the Walking with the Poor campaign seeks to raise a minimum of $1 million to establish new energy, new resources and a new commitment to our thriving mission in Kenya and our vibrant presence in the United States.

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Your sacrificial gift will help seed three new Catholic schools at our parishes in Kenya and will provide direct service to the poor in the United States. The Walking with the Poor Program will help bring about systemic change to meet the pressing needs of the homeless, the working poor, the elderly, single mothers and many more people in need.

Campaign Goals

Build at least three new Catholic Schools in Kenya
Minimum: $500,000

Establish the Walking with the Poor Program
Minimum: $500,000

Build New Catholic Schools in Kenya

Education is the first step out of poverty. Children at our poor parishes need schools. Your support will mean so much as we build modest schools for three parishes in Kenya. Some children have to walk 5 to 10 miles to school under sever and dangerous conditions. Many do not have shoes and leave home each morning without a meal of any kind. These children see school as a safe haven where they will learn and find good nourishment.

You can help seed a fund to build Catholic schools in Kenya that will benefit children and families for years to come. Your generous support will help fund:

  • A primary school at St. Vincent's in Kamulu
  • A nursery school and well at St. Kiziti Parish near the Falkland Slum
  • A nursery and primary school at St. Anne's in Thigio
  • Desks, chalkboards, books and school supplies for students

Establish the Walking with the Poor Program

Today, the needs of the poor are multiplying due to unemployment, homelessness and mental illness. In response to these needs, we are finding new and creative ways to engage more partners in our mission. Working with others in the Vincentian Family enables us to increase the number of people we are able to serve and ensures that our charism will continue.

The goal of the Walking with the Poor Program is to evangelize the poor and help alleviate the sufferings of the poor and abandoned. Your support will help provide direct service to:

  • The homeless
  • The working poor
  • Single mothers
  • Struggling teens
  • Youth with learning disabilities
  • Victims of violence
  • The mentally ill
  • The elderly
  • Immigrants
  • The unemployed

Your Support will Touch the Lives of the Poor

As we celebrate two centuries of service in the United States, we acknowledge the generosity of people like you who have supported our ministry over the years. As we look to the future, we see that the needs of the poor are greater than ever. We need to act today. With your help, Vincentians will bring the joy and peace of Jesus Christ to even more people. We cannot do it without you. Please prayerfully consider making a gift to support those we serve.

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