Convocation 2023

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Convocation 2023

San Damiano Retreat Center

Danville, Calif.—June 19-22, 2023

Fraternity, Open Mind, Open Heart, Open to Divine Providence


Convocation 2023 Schedule

Monday, June 19

6:00   Supper available

7:00   Introduction/Welcome/Program Overview (Dick)

7:30   Social Gathering, time to visit and relax, etc.


Tuesday, June 20

8:00   Breakfast

9:00   Morning Prayer

9:15   Opening Presentation “Foundations of Fraternity in the Congregation of the Mission” (Tom McKenna)

9:45   Confrere 1 sharing: “My experiences of the common life” (Jay Jung)

10: 15   break

10:30   Questions for Tom McKenna

11:15   Eucharist (Tom McKenna presides)

12:00   Lunch

1:00    Leisure Time and Portrait Shots (Chris Duggan)

2:30   Small group: “What did I hear this morning?”

3:15   break

4:00   Confrere 2 sharing: “What wisdom have you learned about community life?”

4:45   Break

5:00   Evening Prayer

5:15   Social

6:00   Supper

7:00   Social Time, visit, relax etc.


Wednesday, June 21

8:00   Breakfast

9:00   Morning Prayer

9:15   Confrere 3 sharing: “What surprises did God have for me in community life?”

9:45   Small group sharing: “What wisdom would I give to a young confrere to help them live as dear friends in community?”

10:15   Break

10:30   Large Group sharing: “What have I heard that makes sense for us?”

11:15   Eucharist:

12:00   Lunch

1:00   Free Afternoon:  leisure activities, excursions, walking, readings, enjoying doing nothing.

Excursion choices:

  • Golfing:                       Canyon Lakes Golf Course, Danville
  • Wine Tasting:             Captain Vineyards, Moraga
  • Bowling:                      Danville Bowl, Danville
  • Chilling out

5:00   Evening Prayer

5:15   Social

6:00   Supper

7:00   Free evening at home:  social time, visiting one another, cards, a movie


Thursday, June 22

8:00   Breakfast

9:00   MP/Eucharist (Pat McDevitt, presider)

10:00   Small group sharing: “What am I taking home from this convocation?”

10:45   break

11:00   Large group evaluation: “To what extent have I grown in my understanding of fraternal community and individual confreres?”

11:30    Words from the Visitor: “Hopes for Living as Dear Friends”

Noon   Lunch/departure