The education and formation of men for the priesthood has always been one of the primary apostolates of the Vincentians. In the United States, three major universities – Niagara, Saint John’s and DePaul – were the ambitious undertaking of the Community in the twentieth century. Several other colleges and secondary schools were founded to serve thousands of young people.

The Vincentians were one of the few communities that came to the United States for the explicit purpose of establishing a diocesan seminary. St. Mary’s of the Barrens Seminary in Perryville, Missouri was founded in 1818. By the 1950s the Vincentian apostolate of educating and forming priests reached scores of seminaries, with thousands of students.

  • Formation of future priests continues today in Kenya at Christ the King Seminary and DePaul Centre.
  • The Catholic Home Study program, established in 1941, has seen a resurgence of interest with digital products and online courses.
  • The DePaul Evangelization Center in Los Angeles continues to help with ongoing education for the poor and underserved populations.
  • Adult formation and elementary education in Vincentian parishes remain strong apostolates in more than half a dozen cities.
  • Perboyre Mission House – Educates and forms young men as Vincentian priests in Chicago, IL.