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Serving the Poor in the United States for 200 Years

The Journey Across America Begins: 1816

Abraham Lincoln was seven years old. The United States consisted of just 19 states. The first Vincentians arrived in America from Italy. The year was 1816. In 1817, these Vincentian pioneers made their way to Bardstown, Kentucky.

By 1818, they had established their home in Perryville, Missouri, where they built the first major seminary west of the Mississippi. More than 300 Vincentian priests and brothers were educated there in its first century. Before long, their ministry to the poor took root from coast to coast and from border to border.

A lot has happened and much has changed since then. Today, the Vincentians are celebrating our 200th Anniversary in America. You are invited to join our celebration with your prayers and gifts to support our ministries and services in our third century in America.

Missionary Zeal

Our heritage encompasses the heroic and saintly leadership of many men of strength. The Vincentians created a distinctive spiritual way of life that can still be witnessed in parishes, shrines and schools, in communities and through devotions, in preaching and teaching still today. We give our joyful thanksgiving to God for all the graces he has showered on us for two centuries in America!

For more information or to make a gift, contact:

Ms. Teresa R. Manna
Director of Development
13663 Rider Trail North
Earth City, MO 63045