A Message From The Provincial

This past year, with all of its trials, has tested us, individually and as a community. It has been, and continues to be, a journey that reminds us that we need each other and also reaffirms our need to walk with Jesus every day.

The Congregation of the Mission is currently preparing to move its provincial office from its current location in Earth City to a new home in Midtown St. Louis, next to Saint Louis University. This move, in addition to placing us physically closer to the communities we serve, also symbolizes a time of renewal for the Western Province.

I like to think of this move as a journey, which is an important metaphor for the spiritual life. The Scripture is filled with stories and accounts of many different journeys, whether they be from slavery to freedom, from darkness into light, and from the wilderness to a land of promise. As we walk this journey, the uncertainty of the future is guided by our deep faith in the light of Divine Providence. The inevitable struggles and challenges on this journey will bring us to a better place and a deeper relationship with God and one another. As sojourners in faith, we always walk together as a united community.

Though our staff and confreres who work at the Earth City facility will be packing up and moving to our new building, we invite all of you to take this journey with us in prayer.  It is our ardent hope that this step in our journey as a Province will open for us a new era of missionary life and service to the poor. We pray this next step in our journey deepens our love for God and expands our relationship and the opportunities that come with it.

In this new chapter, we move forward, revitalized in the mission that God has given us, mindful that the journey continues ever on.

Sincerely in Vincent DePaul,

Fr. Patrick McDevitt, C.M.
Provincial Superior