Scattered Like Seeds

Every time you support the Vincentians in Kenya, you become a seed of hope for someone in material or spiritual need. By your financial gifts, you plant love and compassion that blossom in the life of another. One child is clothed and fed. A newly-ordained priest shepherds his parish. One mother receives prenatal care for her unborn baby. Another is educated in an occupational trade. An elderly neighbor with no family receives clean drinking water and a monthly visit from a Vincentian.

Good Soil

Your generosity funds our mission to provide critically needed help as our priests and brothers share the Good News that transforms lives. Kenya’s poor learn of Christ’s infinite love for them. They live genuinely grateful, joyful lives.

Your Abundant Harvest

Please support the 2019 Kenya Appeal with a sacrificial gift. Your selfless generosity will bring immediate help where it is needed most. It will support seminiarians studying for the priesthood. It will educate children, provide adults with occupational training, helping one family at a time to journey out of poverty.

DePaul Woodworking $2,500
Greenhouse in Makutana$5,000
Parish Missions$10,000
Family Assistance$20,000
Giathugu Agricultural Project $25,000
Priestly Vocations$75,500
TOTAL: $138,000

Thank you for your continued support of those we serve!