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2024 Kenya Appeal

In this year’s Kenya Appeal, our fundraising goal is to raise $135,000:

Direct Service to the Poor–$19,795

The St. Louise de Marillac Program helps feed, clothe, house, and provide medical care to the most vulnerable children, women, and elderly in Kenya.

Revitalization of Sports Facilities at DePaul Center–$89,293

Needed updates and maintenance to our athletic facilities at the DePaul Centre will engage the local youth and our seminarians.

Installation of Solar Power Systems–$16,064

New solar power systems will allow us to take advantage of Kenya’s abundant sunny conditions, providing a reliable source of clean renewable energy.

Maintenance of the Poultry Farm at DePaul Centre–$9,848

The poultry farm at DePaul Centre helps feed the Vincentians, our seminarians, and the local population.

Immediate Needs: $135,000

At age 15, Rose Wanjiku, a student at Batian Secondary School, lost her parents and was left to the mercy of well-wishers when her own extended family was unable or unwilling to care for her and her two brothers.

Providing assistance with school fees and other needs, the Vincentians intervened to assist Rose, her siblings, and her caretaker, a family friend who was already struggling to provide for herself and her own family.

In Kenya and Uganda, young people like Rose struggle every day in a challenging econonic environment, often with no safety net when tragedy strikes a family.

Please make a gift to this year’s Kenya Appeal and help us support the children, women, and elderly who are suffering and abandoned in Africa.

To contribute to the appeal, click the “Give Now” button below and select “Kenya Mission” next to “Where the money goes.” 

In the Vice-Province of Kenya, your support makes a vital difference

  • More than 40,000 individual will be served in parishes in Kenya and Uganda.
  • 30 seminarians will be educated and trained to carry out the mission.
  • Dozens of entrepreneurs will be trained this year to run small businesses and provide for their families.
  • Each year, a new class of DePaul Woodworking students gains vital skills to obtain employment or open businesses.