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2022 Kenya Appeal

In this year’s Kenya Appeal, our fundraising goal is to raise $200,000:

Vincentian Education Programs–$75,000

Computers, educational support, nursery school needs, and sports equipment for Kenyan youth in Vincentian parishes

Direct Service to the Poor–$65,000

Food, medical assistance, and tuition for those in need

Seminarian Support–$60,000

Academic materials, food, housing, and other expenses for the next generation of Vincentian priests and brothers in Kenya

At 70 years old, Margaret Namachanja cares for her grandchildren alone.

Margaret, herself a victim of post-election violence and displacement, lost three of her children to political unrest. She now takes care of her grandchildren, all under the age of 10, in her small mud house on the outskirts of St. Kizito Parish in Matisi.

She is enrolled in the Vincentian economic empowerment program at St. Kizito Parish, where she learns new skills to provide a better life for her grandchildren.

The Congregation of the Mission has provided her with beds so she and her grandchildren no longer have to sleep on the dirt floor. Their needs are still great. They need better housing, clothing, food assistance, and so much more.

Your gifts support Vincentian programs that make a real difference in the lives of people like Margaret. Thank you.

To contribute to the appeal, click the “Give Now” below and select “Kenya Mission” next to “Where the money goes.” 

In the Region of Kenya, your support makes a vital difference

  • Nearly 1,000 individual will receive tuition, food, or medical help.
  • 30 seminarians will be educated and trained to carry out the mission.
  • 40 entrepreneurs will be trained this year to run small businesses and provide for their families.
  • Each year, a new class of DePaul Woodworking students gains vital skills to obtain employment or open businesses.

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