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Since arriving in the United States more than 200 years ago, Vincentian priests and brothers have been dedicated to serving in parishes. We celebrate Mass and the other sacraments. We preach, teach and minister to those in need. We offer spiritual guidance and inspiration through parish missions, as we seek to walk with those we serve. Read more about our Vincentian parish ministries and learn more about the parishes where we serve.

Kenya Mission 

Just as the Vincentians of the 19th century were called by the Holy Spirit to the United States, our priests and brothers are answering the call to spread the Gospel in towns and villages throughout Kenya, East Africa. We have witnessed a flowering of faith – Vincentian parishes, outstations schools and formation houses there are thriving. We even have established a woodworking apprenticeship program to lift families out of poverty and to help bring about systemic change. Read stories of some of the people we serve in Kenya, and offer your support.

Service To the Poor

St. Vincent challenged us “to prefer the service of the poor to everything else.” Vincentian priests and brothers, together with our lay collaborators, work to meet the needs of the poor we encounter every day. From Los Angeles to St. Louis, from Chicago to the slums outside Nairobi, Kenya, we seek out the least of God’s people. Like St. Vincent, we see the face of Christ in the faces of the poor we meet. Learn more about our service to the poor, and see how you can help.


Vincentians have always been committed to the education and formation of priests and lay leaders for the service of God and the Church. Today, we work in schools, seminaries, formation houses, retreat centers, colleges and universities, spreading the Gospel to the next generation. These apostolates have a distinctly Vincentian feel, encouraging people to share the Gospel with humility and simplicity. We even have extensive online resources – available for free – to facilitate ongoing faith formation. Read more about our education and formation ministries.

Vincentian Reflection Videos

During these difficult and unpredictable times, we want you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for you. With churches still not at capacity, we thought you might enjoy listening to some spiritual reflections from five different Vincentian priests.