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Discovering your vocation is not easy. With all the distractions and noise in our world today, you may miss God’s subtle promptings. In order to follow Christ’s call, take some time to slow down, quiet your heart and listen to His loving voice. God has a plan for you. All He asks is that you respond to Him with openness and love.

Use these resources to help you hear God’s call.


  • Spend time in prayer and quiet reflection.
  • Read Holy Scripture, asking for God’s wisdom and guidance.
  • Attend Mass regularly to nurture your spiritual life.
  • Talk with a priest, mentor or trusted family member.
  • Talk with Vincentian priests and brothers to learn about our values, mission and ministry.
  • Meet regularly with a spiritual director.


Lord God, what do you ask of me? I am open to Your Son’s invitation: “Come, follow me,” but there are so many ways to do that. Grant me the wisdom to know which is the way for me.

Through Your inspiration and grace, Your servant, St. Vincent de Paul, founded the Congregation of the Mission to follow Jesus, whose own mission was “to bring Good News to the poor.”

Help me to know if You are calling me to dedicate my life to that same mission as a Vincentian priest or brother. I desire to follow You and to be faithful to Your call. Give me the courage to follow You wherever You lead me. Amen.