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Today, 62 senior Vincentian priests and brothers live in retirement. Many of them have returned to Perryville, MO, with great fondness for the place where they spent their formative years in the seminary.

Your support of our senior Vincentians – especially those at the Apostle of Charity Residence in Perryville – means these men will receive the care they need and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, including meals together and recreation. Your gift will be used for nursing care and prescriptions, wheelchairs and hospital beds, nutrition, therapy, and much more.

Your generosity helps support these men as they seek spiritual, physical, and emotional care in their senior years.

During my four years at St. Mary’s of the Barrens, I have been deeply impressed with the wonderful care that we continue to receive from the staff of the house. Most importantly, I am so impressed with the Praying Community here at the Barrens. There is most definitely a sense of joy that we experience every day because of the care of staff here at the Barrens and the relationships that we experience with one another. Thanks to all our wonderful donors who continue to support us and our work around the world.
Fr. Thomas R. Hinni, C.M.