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Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Toshio Sato, C.M.

March 2023

Fr. Toshio Sato, C.M., Vocation Director for the Congregation of the Mission Western Province, talks about his conversion to Catholicism and shares a fond memory from his years of ministry in the March 2023 installment of our video series, Conversations with Confreres. He also offers some simple but valuable advice for anyone discerning a vocation to religious life.

Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Michael Mulhearn, C.M.

February 2023

Fr. Michael Mulhearn, C.M., talks about his introduction to the Vincentians and remembers his ordination day as a wedding day.

FY 23 Annual Appeal ‘Thank You’

January 2023

Donors to the Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Appeal for the Congregation of the Mission Western Province help support the Vincentians’ work on behalf of the poor, including for the Walking with the Poor Program, which helped fund Vincentian Marian Youth SEMO’s upcoming mission trip to New Orleans.

Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Joseph Geders, C.M.

January 2023

Fr. Joseph Geders, C.M., pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Perryville, MO, discusses evangelization by meeting people where they are.

Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Richard Wehrmeyer, C.M.

December 2022

Fr. Rich Wehrmeyer, C.M., Director of Formation for the Congregation of the Mission Western Province, stresses the importance of quiet times, whether discerning a calling or at any other times in our increasingly busy lives.

Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Jerome Herff, C.M.

November 2022

Fr. Jerome Herff, C.M., tells how a three-year assignment at a Navajo reservatoin turned into a transformational 14 years.

Conversations with Confreres-Bro. Harvey Goertz, C.M.

October 2022

Bro. Harvey Goertz, C.M., has spent his 40-plus years as a Vincentian brother in farming and liturgical music and thinks about the Vincentian mission in terms of needs and opportunities.

Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Tom Hinni, C.M.

September 2022

Fr. Tom Hinni, C.M., a Vincentian priest at the Apostle of Charity Residence in Perryville, MO, talks about his calling and offers some insights on Vincentian community.

Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Paul Golden, C.M.

August 2022

Fr. Paul Golden, C.M., tells how he didn’t realize he wanted to be a priest, until he did, and after a career of teaching in seminaries he offers some simple advice for anyone considering a priestly vocation. 

Conversations with Confreres-Fr. Ron Ramson, C.M.

July 2022

Fr. Ron Ramson, C.M., reflects at age 90 on the rewards of a lifetime of evangelizing and working with the poor and forming priests in the seminary. With two books published in the last 18 months, he shows no signs of slowing down, and he offers some advice for those who are considering a life in the priesthood.

40 Years of Ministry-The Class of ’82

On June 11, 2022, six outstanding Vincentian priests, the Class of ’82, celebrated their 40-year jubilees: Fr. Tony Dosen, C.M., Fr. Miles Heinen, C.M., Fr. Gerry Kelly, C.M., Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M., Fr. Binh Van Nguyen, C.M., and Fr. Ray Van Dorpe, C.M. This slide show is a retrospective of their years of priestly ministry, which are still going strong. 

2022 Kenya Appeal Reaches Goal-Thank You

This year’s Kenya Appeal exceeded its goal, thanks to our many generous supporters. These gifts support programs that provide food, housing, medicine, education assistance, and more to the less fortunate in Kenya, as well as funding for the recruitment and formation of our seminarians. Also, this year’s appeal included a matching gift from the Western Province to help Vincentian ministries in Ukraine, up to $75,000, which was fully realized.

Thank You for Supporting our 2022 Annual Appeal

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our 2022 Annual Appeal. The important work we do on behalf of the poor in the United States and Kenya is only possible because of the generosity of our supporters. Please enjoy this video as a heartfelt expression of our gratitude.