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Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Appeal

Addressing Poverty as Vincentians

“Although we will never end poverty and homelessness, it’s an immeasurable reward to be of service to those in need.”

Robert Beatty
Director of Community Development
St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Chicago, Illinois



“Charity cannot remain idle; it impels us to work for the salvation and consideration of others.”

-St. Vincent de Paul

Bless Those

Who Bless You

“The nursing staff at the Apostle of Charity Residence is outstanding… They take awfully good care of us. And to the donors that support us here, I want to thank them for their generosity. They have been great.”

-Fr. Thomas Croak, C.M.


Funding NEEDs

Direct Service to the Poor     $1,118,547
Education and Formation
of Priests and Brothers        $2,205,453
Support for Senior Priests
and Brothers                               $3,412,714
Works of Evangelization       $1,182,460

Total                            $7,919,174

We Now Accept