The Vincentians have always responded to the needs of people in crisis. Today, we again hear cries for help with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its terrible consequences on innocent children, men, and women.

The Congregation of the Mission Western Province recently distributed materials for its 2022 Kenya Appeal, which supports important Vincentian works in East Africa. Inspired by the charism of St. Vincent de Paul, and to double the impact of those gifts for those in need, the Congregation of the Mission Western Province will match, dollar-for-dollar, all donations to the Kenya Appeal, up to $75,000, to aid Vincentian efforts on the ground in Ukraine.

While your gift supports those in need in Kenya, the matching gifts will be sent to Vincentian ministries in Ukraine and will be used to help those directly suffering in these recent hostilities of war.

The priests and brothers of the Western Province thank you for your donations. Your gifts make a real difference for Kenyans and Ukrainians in need.

To donate to the Kenya Appeal with the Ukraine match, click HERE and select “Kenya Mission/Ukraine” under “Where the money goes.”