Province News

200 Years of Service: Vincentians, Then and Now

When the Vincentians first arrived in the United States in 1816, the nation consisted of only 19 states and Abraham Lincoln was only seven years old. Within a year of their arrival, the Vincentian pioneers had made their way to Bardstown, Kentucky, and by 1818 they had established their home in Perryville, Missouri. A small country town on the American frontier, Perryville proved to be a spiritual hub for the Vincentians in the United States. Before long, a vibrant ministry to the poor took root from coast to coast and from border to border. Vincentian priests and brothers established colleges […]

Association of the Miraculous Medal Celebrates 100th Anniversary

In 2018, the Association of the Miraculous Medal will celebrate its 100th anniversary. With more than 300,000 members currently and 36,000 prayer requests each year, the Association is a powerful witness of faithful dedication. “Many of the people we serve are searching for Christ’s mercy – for themselves and for their loved ones. They begin by sending prayer requests for others, but soon realize that they’ve been transformed as well,” says Don Fulford, Director of the Association of the Miraculous Medal. Since its founding in 1918, the ministry has encouraged countless people to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through […]

You Are a Partner in Our Mission

Thanks to the prayerful support of our donors and friends, the Vincentians of the Western Province have accomplished much in service to the poor this past year. Their generosity touches in the lives of those served in our parishes and schools, in soup kitchens and retreat centers, and in villages and towns outside Nairobi, Kenya. Here are a few of the ways the support of our donors has impacted the lives of those in need: You helped the Vincentians provide additional housing options for more than 60 homeless people in St. Louis, MO, through a partnership with Depaul USA. You […]