On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, after almost five years of investigation, the Illinois State Attorney General’s Office released an extensive report on Catholic clergy sex abuse in the state entitled, “Report on Catholic Clergy Child Sex Abuse in Illinois.”

The report includes a comprehensive list of credible allegations of clergy sex abuse and the suggestion that many of these allegations were previously undisclosed. Included are the names of 11 Vincentian priests who served in Illinois.

All 11 individuals, have been listed for more than three years on the Western Province’s website on a “Save Environment” page: https://www.vincentian.org/safe-environment/

In 2019, an independent consulting group consisting of former FBI agents was engaged to perform a comprehensive review of the files of our members to help our Province to understand its history. Based on this file review and with input from the Province’s Misconduct Review Board, the Province published a list of credibly accused members in June 2020, which is maintained on the provincial website (linked above).

Each listing on the page includes the number of allegations (single or multiple) for that individual, the timeframe in which the alleged abuse occurred and was reported, a timeframe of actions taken by the province, the current disposition of the individual, a list of the individual’s assignments, and other information. The Safe Environment page also includes a statement on safe environment and a collection of related resources.

“Sexual abuse of a minor is a sin and a crime,” said Fr. Patrick McDevitt, C.M., Provincial Superior for the Congregation of the Mission Western Province. “We want to apologize to any person who was victimized by a member of our Province.”

While historic failings should not be forgotten and the pain caused by these men is still felt today by the victims and by those who have been impacted by these failings, we believe it is also important to note that the Province has put into place comprehensive child protection policies and procedures that help to ensure these historic failings will not be repeated.

Since 2006, the Province has maintained accreditation with Praesidium, Inc., the national leader in abuse risk management, which means that the Province meets or exceeds Praesidium’s safety standards for abuse prevention. Most recently, the Province applied for renewal of its accreditation in 2022 and after a thorough review process was renewed through 2027.

“While we can never take away the harm that was caused by these accused members, we are committed to the progress we have made,” Fr. McDevitt said.

Please direct any questions to Chris Duggan, Communications Manager for the Congregation of the Mission Western Province, HERE.