Your generosity directly impacts
the poor who come to the Rebuild Center at St. Joseph Parish in New Orleans. For nearly two decades, the Center has been a source of hope for many in the community, including Juston, whose life was changed by the care he received.

Juston became
homeless at a
young age. He
never thought it
could happen to
him. He was
unemployed and
living on the
streets. Every day
was a struggle to
survive. On cold
nights, he would
drape a blanket
over his tent and
light candles for
warmth. He avoided homeless shelters, afraid that someone would steal his legal documentation or belongings. He was losing hope that he could turn his life around.

Then, Juston came to the Rebuild Center at St. Joseph Church.
He received services that helped restore his health and empowered him to find a career. More importantly, he found the love and compassion of Jesus in the volunteers and other clients at the Center.

Your support helps provide nourishment, personal hygiene and basic medical care for guests.

Juston is only one of the hundreds of people who visit the Rebuild Center each year, looking for a fresh start. And your support makes all of this possible. Rooted in the charism of St. Vincent, the Rebuild Center is dedicated to providing a safe environment, resources and support for the homeless, the unemployed, the sick, suffering and vulnerable. It is a place where people in need are treated with respect and dignity, where they can receive the care and services they require.

Your support helps provide nourishment, personal hygiene and basic medical care for guests. Your generosity also helps the Center provide legal services, financial assistance, career guidance and computer access.

Thanks in part to your support, a seed was planted and partnerships have been cultivated, resulting in a collaborative effort among agencies to expand ministry to the poor and homeless. As a supporter of the Vincentians, you partner with us in the work of touching hearts and rebuilding lives – at the Rebuild Center and throughout the Western Province.