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Directed by Fr. Ron Hoye, C.M., Catholic TeamWorks is a Vincentian ministry of evangelization to inspire and empower people of faith. It includes Vincentian Parish Missions, the popular The God Minute app and podcast, and Catholic Home Living, where visitors can obtain books, electronic resources, and other merchandise.

Based in Perryville, MO, at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the Association of the Miraculous Medal brings Jesus Christ to the world by inspiring devotion to Mary, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, through whom we unite ourselves in prayer to grow in holiness while supporting the apostolic mission and charitable work of our Vincentian priests and brothers.

Based in Kansas City, MO, the Vincentian Parish Mission Center team conducts missions at parishes around the country in the tradition of St. Vincent de Paul, the founder of the Congregation of the Mission. While you are on the site, be sure to check out Monday Morning Coffee Break with Fr. Bob Gielow HERE.

Mass can be a time out of your busy week to focus on you and the world around you. Homily Week, organized by the late Fr. Mike Boyle, C.M., utilizes modern technology to help you open the door to wisdom – to the past and the growing wisdom of the present – to help you listen and reflect on the Scriptures for the weekend.

This monthly newsletter is distributed by the Congregation of the Mission Curia Communications Office in Rome.

Our Parishes and Missions

Notes From the Province

Musings from London–Fr. J. Patrick Murphy, C.M.

I had lunch at the Yurt Café of a cheddar cheese panini at a table with fresh tulips in a small vase … Meanwhile, my boss was telling me about the 101,000 tins of meat we delivered to Kharkiv, Ukraine, and how my Vincentian friend, Vitaliy, was loading up smaller trucks to get the tins delivered. He said 65 people were living in the basement of our project there. They were in the basement because the Russians had blown a hole in the roof. For eight minutes the shelling stopped giving them the opportunity to get the tins out. The recipients will not be getting their lunches with fresh tulips.

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Musings from Paris–Fr. J. Patrick Murphy, C.M.

Our day is full and exciting but the sub-story is all the calls, emails and worry we do about our people in Ukraine and the staff in other countries who are raising money, receiving refugees and sending supplies.

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Go to the Poor and You Will Find God–Mary Frances and Bill Jaster

The Vincentians first came to the Archdiocese of Denver in 1908, beginning their ministry at St. Thomas Seminary when the first seminarians arrived for formation as priests. Last fall we said goodbye to two Vincentians who have served in the Archdiocese of Denver since 1977 and are retiring to the Apostles of Charity Residence in Perryville, MO, and the Lazarist Residence in St. Louis, MO. 

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On Becoming a Jerk–Fr. J. Patrick Murphy, C.M.

A while back, one of my students retired from her job in the government sector. At the retirement party, signs appeared around the room quoting one of her mantras, “Hire no jerks.” She learned that from me in class at DePaul University.

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