Renee Brueckner has lived the AMM Mission for nearly four decades

Renee Brueckner, Director of Operations at the Association of the Miraculous Medal in Perryville, MO, has worked for the organization for 37 years. While that may seem astounding, especially in this era of high mobility among the workforce, it is less uncommon at AMM.

“The average employee has been here for 20 years,” Renee said. “Twenty-five people have been here 25 years or more, and 25 have been here five years or less.”

Renee said the newer and more seasoned employees share a love and commitment to AMM, an apostolate of the Congregation of the Mission Western Province devoted to promoting the adoration of Mary throughout the world.

“It is very meaningful, being part of the mission of the Catholic Church and knowing that we touch people in a very personal way and act as the face of Mary to many people, because she is ever compassionate and loving and always there,” Renee said. “The testimonials that come back from our members are beautiful and help us all to grow in faith.”

Renee, who was hired initially to work on computers, said AMM manages the majority of its printing in-house (envelope stuffing operation pictured at right), and whether staff members are running a press or working directly with one of AMM’s 305,000 members, they are animated and motivated by the mission.

“The greatest thing is to see the talents that people have here and how they are being used by the Lord to help the Church,” Renee said.